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  • Wind Chill Precautionary Actions...

    A wind chill warning is issued when winds combine with bitterly cold temperatures to create extremely dangerous conditions for exposed skin. The wind chill will be cold enough to cause frostbite in about 15 minutes or less...and could lead to hypothermia if proper precautions are not taken. If you must go outside...remember that several layers of clothing will keep you warmer than a single heavy coat. A hat is also important as more body heat is lost through the head than any other part of the body. It is also very important to cover all exposed flesh to protect yourself from frostbite.

    For more information visit the following sites.
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  • Class Act Clinic: Open to the Public
    (A full service salon operated by our Cosmetology students)
    Tuesdays & Thursdays from Noon-2:00pm
    Evening hours: 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month from 4-7pm 
     Call (845) 295-4121 for an appointment

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