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February is National Career & Tech Month

Career and Technical Education (CTE) has a long and rich history in the United States. CTE Programs have evolved from a limited number of vocational programs into a broad system that encompasses a variety of challenging fields in diverse subject areas, which are constantly evolving due to the changing global economy.

Today’s CTE provides students:
• Career pathways that link secondary and post-secondary education
• Academic subject matter taught with relevance to the real world
• Employability skills, from job-related skills to workplace ethics
• Education for additional training and degrees, especially related to workplace training, skills upgrades and career advancement
• Second-chance education and training

Studies have shown that high school students who attend career and technical training during high school demonstrate higher levels of success in post–secondary education and employment. During a time when many college students can't find a job after graduation, this group of high school seniors is catching the eyes of future employers.

In Sullivan County, 31% of high school juniors and seniors attend the Career and Technical Education Center at Sullivan BOCES. Even though each student chooses to enter their respective CTE program for a different reason, they are acquiring the knowledge, work ethic and skills necessary to succeed in post-secondary education, the work force or the military.

Career & Tech offers high school students the opportunity to learn job skills through instruction, hands–on experience and internships. All of our programs align with 21st century industry and learning standards, which foster college and career readiness.

Each of our programs includes articulation agreements with two and four year colleges or trade schools. This affords the students the opportunity to earn college credit toward an associate or bachelor degree.

The Career & Tech Center at Sullivan BOCES strives to work with students to help them develop into responsible, qualified professionals preparing them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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