• Special Education


    Contact Information:

    Megan Becker, Executive Principal (Elementary Programs: Grades K-6)
    Phone: (845) 295-4170 or e-mail megan.becker@scboces.org
    Linda Blanton, Executive Principal (Secondary Programs: Grades 7-12)
    Phone: (845) 295-4145 or e-mail linda.blanton@scboces.org

    "Providing exceptional programs for students of all abilities."

    Sullivan BOCES offers an expanded range of services that support the educational needs of students with disabilities. These district-requested services include, but are not limited to: day programming, PM program, diagnostic services, and related services. Cutting-edge educational practices are ensured through on- and off-site employee professional development. We strive to utilize state-of-the-art technology to enrich instructional practices.  The focus of the Special Education Division is to provide individualized educational programming that enables students to find competitive employment and lead productive independent lives.  

    Classes are staffed by certified special education teachers, certified teaching assistants, and certified school social workers/psychologists. The staff has demonstrated skills in instructional delivery, behavior management, and therapeutic intervention strategies.