The Board of Cooperative Educational Services shall support the following goals of community relations:

     a) To develop and maintain the confidence of the community in the BOCES and its staff;

     b) To stimulate public interest in the schools and public understanding of BOCES Programs;

     c) To discover what people think, what they want to know, correct erroneous impressions and supply desired information;

     d) To develop the most effective means of communication with the various publics of the BOCES component school districts, and community at large.

     Communication with Component Districts

              It is essential the Board and the BOCES staff keep component boards of education informed as to policies and programs that might affect their educational processes. As much as possible, the BOCES staff and the Board should attempt to provide written and/or oral communication to the superintendents and board members of component districts on any matter that might affect them, including agendas and minutes of the BOCES meetings.

     Communication with BOCES Board Members

              The Sullivan County BOCES staff members shall make every effort to provide Board members with written communications regarding significant items prior to the Board meetings. Communications shall be forwarded via the District Superintendent.

     Communication with the Community

              The Board of Cooperative Educational Services and staff shall attempt to keep the various communities informed of school activities so that the communities shall be aware of what is occurring in the schools and shall be able to support the activities. Communications involving Board policy shall have prior approval by the District Superintendent or his/her designee.

     News Releases

              The BOCES Board President or his/her designee is responsible for the release of news items to any instrument of the media. In any areas where the release is of a sensitive nature, the District Superintendent/designee shall consult with the President of the Sullivan County BOCES Board.

     BOCES Spokesperson

              The BOCES Board of Education invites and welcomes the active participation of the news media in promoting the cause of good education with the BOCES. The Board invites members of the media and general public to attend all meetings of the BOCES Board.

              In order to assure news releases, announcements or other information to the public be accurate and reflect the position of the Board, the President of the Board is designated as spokesperson for the Board. No other individual is authorized to or shall issue press releases or statements purporting to represent the Board's position on any issue without the express consent of the District Superintendent or Board President.


              The Board encourages the development of appropriate materials and publications that are of direct use in the educational process in component schools which inform the public, member districts, BOCES personnel, and the teaching profession concerning policies, activities, and accomplishments of Sullivan County BOCES and which aid and promote the improvement of education.

              Such publication and materials shall be of a professional quality and shall be appropriately reviewed by the Public Information Office before publication. All publications will be dated at the time they are issued. In every case, the title, the names of the author(s) or editor(s), the Sullivan BOCES logo, and the date of publication will appear on the publication.

     Media Relations

              The responsibility for maintaining relationships with the media, releasing news and serving as the BOCES spokesperson lies with the District Superintendent or his/her designee.


              The use of copyright law for selected materials produced through the Sullivan BOCES will be implemented for specific classes of items when recommended to the Board by the District Superintendent. All unpublished materials will have copyright identification protected under common law literary property.

              All publications and digital recordings which are developed by staff at Sullivan BOCES or persons/agencies under contract to Sullivan BOCES are the property of Sullivan BOCES.

     Adopted:  7/10/12