• Subject:  District Superintendant (3111) 

    The District Superintendent shall act as the executive officer of the Board, possess the powers and discharge the duties defined in Education Law and be responsible for executing all policies, decisions and orders of the Board.

    The District Superintendent shall report to the Board upon the operation of the policies adopted by the Board and may present for consideration such changes and amendments as he/she believes to be desirable or necessary. In the absence of a Board Policy, the District Superintendent shall have the power to take administrative action.

    The general administration of all programs shall be under the District Superintendent's direction and supervision. He/she or his/her designee shall attend all meetings of the Board and shall act in an advisory capacity on all matters. In all emergency situations not specifically designated herein, the District Superintendent shall have the power to act in accordance with his/her best judgment. In the absence of the District Superintendent, the Assistant Superintendents, Directors, Assistant Directors, Principals, Managers/Supervisors, and Assistant Principals and Assistant Supervisors, in that order, shall assume responsibility for administrative decisions. 


    Adopted:  7/10/12