• Telecommunications - Coser 630

    Contact Information
    Robert Cosh, Operations & Network Administrator
    Phone:(845) 295-4144 or e-mail robert.cosh@scboces.org






    This service provides the management of telecommunication services such as voice phone connection (VOIP), visual and/or high speed data transmission.


    This Coser provides:

    • Host and support VOIP
    • Share equipment such as call managers
    • Serve as back up / redundancy service
    • Bundling and purchasing of voice mail licenses and support contracts
    • Provide Level I support to districts
    • Provide VOIP phone training for end users


    This service is open to all component districts subscribing to the Distance Learning, Instructional Technology, and Library Automation Cosers.  
    Cost formula:  is based on actual line charges plus a small fee to cover administrative costs.