• Subject:  Organization & Authority (1110)

    The Board of Cooperative Educational Services of the Sole Supervisory District of Sullivan County, New York shall be known and referred to as the Sullivan County BOCES.

    The Sullivan County BOCES is a corporate body created by statute and vested with complete authority over the educational and fiscal affairs of the BOCES of the Supervisory District. In the exercise of such authority the Sullivan County BOCES shall exercise only such powers as are expressly granted to it by law.

    All authority rests with the Board as a whole and not with any individual member or any group of members in any committee. Committee members may act on an individual basis only when specifically delegated with the authority by the Board. All final policy decisions are placed in the hands of the Board of Cooperative Educational Services.

    Limitation of Responsibilities as Individuals

    The authority and responsibilities of individual Board members do not extend to execution of the policies which they adopt as a body.

    The role of the Board, as with a legislative body, is to act collectively, not individually. Individual members have no status as, and shall not attempt to act as, administrators in the district. Rather, the District Superintendent, all administrators, as well as all other personnel of the district, are responsible to the Board as an entity. Board members, however, as with all legislators, are entitled to full information and all data necessary, in their judgment, to the proper casting of their votes on any matter which can come before the Board for action. Administrative duties will be delegated to the District Superintendent and his/her staff; governing powers will be rigorously retained for action by the Board itself.        

    Individual Board members being the recipient of citizens' comments, petitions, or complaints serious enough to warrant, or by their nature such as to warrant, action by the Board as a whole, should normally request the same to be reduced to writing and transmitted to the District Office for revision and inclusion on the agenda, if deemed appropriate.         

    Individual Board members, speaking in their own behalf outside of regular Board meeting debates, should make it clear that their personal views are not necessarily the same as the full Board acting collectively.

    Each member of the Board should read his/her agenda and necessary documents accompanying the same, prior to the Board meeting, and mark portions which need clarification; and otherwise be prepared for maximum participation necessary in the shortest time possible on each question coming before the Board. Board members are encouraged to contact the District Superintendent prior to the meeting, to clarify any items on the agenda.

    Board members, if they are to retain effective control of the District without becoming involved in the administration thereof, should avail themselves of every opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills as members of the governing body of this District.

    Education Law Section 1950 
    Adopted:  7/10/12