• Subject:  Methods of Operations (1320)

    The Board of Cooperative Educational Services operates at the policy-making level, leaving the administration of that policy to its District Superintendent, administrators and supervisors, thus freeing itself for major considerations and decisions.

    Board policies are statements which set forth the purposes and prescribe in general terms, the organization and program of a school system. They create a framework within which the District Superintendent and other staff can discharge their assigned duties with positive direction. Essentially, they tell what is desired and they may also indicate reasons why and how much.

    Specific direction, however, giving precise details of how, by whom, where, and when things are to be done, are rules and regulations.

    This distinction between policy and rules and regulations does not imply policy should deal only with abstract expressions of theory and philosophy. On the contrary, statements of policy, should spell out clearly what the Board intends. The clearer the statement of the policy, the clearer the directions to be taken by the administration.


    Adopted:  7/10/12