• Subject:  Principales for School Board Members (1340)

    The success of every school system depends on an effective working relationship between the School Board and the Superintendent. This code emphasizes the most important goals and obligations of that relationship.

    1. Assure the opportunity for high quality education for every student and make the well-being of students the fundamental principle in all decisions and actions.
    2. Obey all national, state and local laws and regulations pertaining to education and public agencies.
    3. Represent the entire community without fear or favor, while not using these positions of personal gain and accepting all responsibilities as a means of unselfish service.
    4. Uphold the principles of due process and individual dignity, and protect the civil and human rights of all.
    5. Adhere to the principle that the Board shall confine its role to policymaking, planning, and appraisal while the Superintendent shall implement the Board's policies.
    6. Act as a part of an educational team with mutual respect and regard for each other's respective responsibilities and duties, recognizing that the strength of a School Board is in acting as a Board, not as individuals; and that the strength of the Superintendent is in being the educational leader of the school district.
    7. Maintain high standards and the effectiveness of education through research and continuing professional development.
    8. Preserve the obligation of having all issues considered fairly and without bias.
    9. Instill respect for community, state and nation.
    10. Honor the spirit and letter of all contracts until fulfillment or modification by mutual agreement.

    Joint Code of Conduct - New York State Council of Superintendents and New York State School Boards Association
    NOTE: Refer also to Policy #5110 -- Code of Ethics for Board Members and All BOCES Personnel

    Adopted:  7/10/12