SUBJECT:    Formulations and Adoption of Policy (1410)


    The Board of Cooperative Educational Services is solely responsible for the adoption of  policy. In its development of policy the Board operates as the legislative body of the Supervisory District and its resolutions have the force of the law.      

    All policy considerations shall be placed on the agenda of regular Board meetings and shall be adopted only after the proposal has been moved, discussed and voted on affirmatively at two (2) separate meetings of the Board (i.e., the "first reading" and the "second reading"). The policy draft may be amended at the second meeting. By a majority vote, the Board may waive the "second reading" and complete the adoption of the proposed policy at its "first reading."Amendments to Board policy shall be considered in the same manner. All policy and amendments to policy shall be laid on the table until the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board. Any change in policy or amendment suggested by the District Superintendent or Board members will be on a written notice to the President of the Board with a request it be placed on the agenda at the next regular Board meeting.        

    The formal adoption of written Board policy shall be recorded in the official minutes of the Board. Such written Board policy shall govern the conduct and affairs of the BOCES and shall be binding upon the members of the educational community in the BOCES.        

    It shall be the Board's responsibility to keep its written policies up-to-date so they may be used consistently as a basis for Board action and administrative decision.       

    At least once per year, review of the Board policy shall be conducted by the District Superintendent and/or the Board Policy Committee and reported to the Board with recommendations.


    Adopted:  7/10/12