SUBJECT:    Quorum (1434)


    The quorum for any meeting of the Board of Cooperative Educational Services shall be five (5) members. No formal action shall be taken at any meeting at which a quorum is not present. A duly called meeting may be adjourned by less than a quorum if a quorum is not present within twenty (20) minutes after the time set for commencement of the meeting. In the event a meeting is adjourned, the President shall set the date, time and place of the reconvening of the adjourned meeting, with reasonable notice being given by the Clerk to all Board members. 

    If only a quorum exists (5 members), final action on resolutions cannot be taken except by unanimous votes. A resolution may be adopted only if passed unanimously by the five (5) members.

    Education Law requires two-thirds vote by the Board to initially hire a teacher who is related to a Board member by blood or by marriage. (Refer also to Policy #5155 -- Employment of Relatives of Board Members.)

    Education Law Section 3016

    Adopted:  7/10/12