SUBJECT:    Annual Organizational Meeting  (1438)


    The Board shall hold its Annual Organizational Meeting at any time during the first fifteen (15) days of July at a date set at the convenience of the Board no later than the month of June. The Clerk of the Board shall serve as temporary chairperson, who shall open the meeting and conduct the election of the President. The President shall assume office immediately, and shall conduct the remainder of the Board's business.


     a) Appoint Temporary Chairperson. (Clerk of the Board is designated.)

     b) Administration of Oath to newly elected Board Members.

     c) Election of Officers: 

    1. President; 
    1. Vice President.

     d) Administration of Oaths to Elected Officers.

     e) Appointment of Officers: 

    1. Clerk of the Board; 
    1. Treasurer; 
    1. Claims Auditor; 
    1. BOCES Attorney; 
    1. Alternate Counsel; 
    1. BOCES Physician; 
    1. Records Retention and Disposition Officer; 
    1. Records Access Officer; 
    1. Records Management Officer.

     f) Administration of Oaths to Appointed Officers who are present; oaths to others to be administered prior to initiating duties.

     g) Other appointments: 

    1. Extraclassroom Activity Personnel; 
    1. Internal Auditor; 
    1. External Auditor; 
    1. Audit Committee; 
    1. Purchasing Agent; 
    1. Assistant Purchasing Manager; 
    1. Title IX, ADA, Section 504 Compliance Officers and Dignity Act Building Contact; 
    1. Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) Local Educational Agency (LEA) designee; 
    1. Liaison for Homeless Children and Youth; 
    1. Chemical Hygiene Officer; 
    1. Attendance Officer; 
    1. Copyright Officer.

     h) Designations: 

    1. Official Bank Depositories; 
    1. Regular Monthly Meetings; 
    1. Official Newspaper; 
    1. Regular Board Meeting Date; 
    1. Designated Educational Official to receive court notification regarding a student's sentence/adjudication in certain criminal cases and juvenile delinquency proceedings.

     i) Authorizations: 

    1. District Superintendent to certify payrolls; 
    1. Establishment of Petty Cash Fund; 
    1. Designation of Treasurer to sign all checks; 
    1. President and/or District Superintendent of the Board to sign necessary contracts on behalf of the Board of Cooperative Educational Services; 
    1. Vice President to sign contracts in the absence of President; 
    1. District Superintendent to approve all budget adjustments in accordance with Commissioner's Regulations Section 170.3.

     j) Authorization of Blanket Bond of designated personnel. 

    k) Establishment of the mileage rate.

    l) Readoption of Board policies.

    m) Approval of Advisory Councils' Memberships.

    n) Appointment of representatives to Sullivan County School Boards Association Committees.

    o) Conference Attendance Resolution.

    p) Other(s) as deemed appropriate/necessary.


    McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act, Section 722, as reauthorized by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001

    29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Section 1910.1450

    Education Law Sections 305(31), 1709 and 2503


    Adopted:  7/10/12