• Face Masks:

    Here are some tips to encourage children to wear masks:

    1. Host a Family practice session – How to put it on. Clean hands. A good fit. How to remove it. Sanitize or wash after use. Demo on a stuffed animal.  
    2. Let them pick their own.  Decorate it! Make sure it’s a good fit – not too loose and not uncomfortable.
    3. Encourage the thoughtfulness of others.  Explain the avoidance of germs for self and others. Use the Super-Hero comparison!
    4. Refresher on healthy habits – regular handwashing, use of tissues, cough into elbows.  Masks are now included in daily hygiene.
    5. Family creative time – invent a rhyme or tune about using masks.  Praise for use without being told!
    6. Teach by Example – Wear yours and point out how others are doing their part.