• Special Education: Related Services 

    "Providing exceptional programs for students of all abilities."

    Special Education Related Services are those services which enable classified students to benefit from their special education programs.  These services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language services, and intensive counseling as prescribed by the Committees on Special Education according to each child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).


    These services include:



    Speech Services

    Coser 702.010  Individual

    Coser 702.020  Group


    Our speech and language therapists align speech/language goals with common a core standards to support the classroom curriculum. They use the latest technology to facilitate student learning. Our team evaluates and provides therapy for apraxia, articulation disorders, autism, emotional disturbances, feeding/oral motor disorders, hearing impairments, intellectual and learning disabilities, non-verbal communication, stuttering/cluttering and voice disorders. Services are provided individually and in small groups.






    Counseling Services


    Coser 703.010  Individual


    Coser 703.020  Group


    Counseling Services are delivered by licensed or certified school social workers, psychologists and counselors. Our counseling team works to provide a link between the student school, family and community. Services are provided individually or in small groups as recommended by the Committee on Special Education. Counselors work with classroom teachers to facilitate learning and academic success. Goals and frequency are determined by the CSE.


    Physical Therapy 
    Coser 704

    A Physical Therapist specializes in the development of gross motor skills.  With approval from the Committee on Special Education and written parental consent, an evaluation is completed by a New York State licensed Physical Therapist. Results are reported to the Committee on Special Education, along with specific program recommendations. If direct treatment, and/or consultation is recommended, New York State law requires a physician’s prescription before services can be implemented.



    Occupational Therapy
    Coser 705

    An Occupational Therapist specializes in the development of fine motor, visual perceptual motor skills, and activities of daily living.  Therapies are developed by utilizing knowledge based on medical, biological, behavioral and therapeutic principles.  The therapy goals are related directly to the student's individual educational goals as determined by their IEP.  A physician's prescription is required before services can be implemented.




    Teacher of the Visually Impaired
    Coser 706

    A specially trained teacher provides support to students whose visual impairment adversely affects educational performance. The teacher is available to provide evaluation, instruction or other types of support relative to the particular needs of the student.




    Teacher of the Hearing Impaired/Deaf 
    Coser 707

    This program serves children with medically diagnosed hearing problems. Each pupil’s program is based upon the amount of their residual hearing. Hearing-impaired pupils are encouraged to be as independent as possible in the classroom and in the community.




    Adaptive Physical Education
    Coser 708

    Students who are canididates for this Coser need a specially designed program of developmental activities, games, sports and rhythms suited to the interests, capacities and limitations of the individual's disability.




    One-on-One Aide
    Coser 709

    Students whose level of need requires one-on-one support to be successful in their classroom are candidates for a one-on-one aide. This service is based on the recommendation of the Committees on Special Education. The goal is to support the student while working towards greater independence and the eventual removal of the need for a one-on-one aide, as determined by the CSE.



    Nursing Services
    Coser 710

    Certified nursing staff is available to provide medication and other medical support as indicated by the IEP.




    Orientation and Mobility
    Coser 711

    A licensed Orientation and Mobility Instructor provides services to visually impaired or blind students in the school and community setting. This is a comprehensive and individualized service that enables the student to become aware of elements and factors in his/her environment and to move through that environment safely and independently.