• Educational Research & Data Analyst - Coser 551.060
    Contact Information:
    Linda Oehler-Marx, Director of Instructional Support Services 
    Phone: (845) 295-4052 or e-mail linda.oehler-marx@scboces.org

    “Assist and support the identification and implementation of school improvement work to sustain effective practice in the most efficient manner.”
    Effective skills in data analysis and data interpretations are essential to school improvement strategic plans that enhance student achievement.  The Educational Research & Data Analyst will work on- and off- site affording analyses of district data that informs instruction and elevates test scores.  The Educational Research & Data Analyst works with instructional leaders and the teaching faculties, collects and analyzes various sets of data that will identify strengths and weaknesses within your instructional program designs. 

    The service includes:
    • Trench charts summarizing ELA and Math 3-8 data, Student Rankings, Frequency Distributions by Grade Level and Teacher of Record, Accountability Sub-Group Analytics, Skills Enhancement Analyses, Regional P-Value Comparisons and item mapping and analysis.
    • NWEA Data Metrics and Analyses focused on "College and Career Readiness Scores" and applications of NWEA as a Regional Benchmarking.
    • Technical assistance on data warehousing enterprises, graduation rates and high school drop-out trends charts.
    • APPR & SGP/MGP Analyses and Metrics for Principal, Teacher, School and District HEDI determinations.
    • 3 Year Longitudinal Data by Accountability Groups.
    • Monthly updates on the prototypes, structures and design of the April 2013 NYS Common Core State Standard Assessments and Regents Reform Agenda.
    • Instructional Strategies for classroom teachers to generate high student achievement scores on the April 2013 NYS Common Core State Standard Assessment and the 2014 PARCC K-12 Assessments.
    • Focus Group Facilitation.
    • Forecasting and Predictive Analyses.
    • Formative Assessment/Psychometric Assistance.
    • Survey Construction and Analysis.


    Through the results and effects of data dialogues, districts are competent to identify needs for custom work such as additional data analysis to advance data driven decision making or additional workshops needed to inform instruction.  These endeavors often result in possible changes to district programs that target instructional activities.

Last Modified on July 29, 2014