• Tips Hotline  Anonymous Reporting: Tips Hotline


    Sullivan County BOCES has provided this TIPS Hotline to allow you to report your concern in a confidential and anonymous manner. This reporting program may be used for the report of a variety of ethics, integrity, and compliance issues. In submitting a report, you may remain anonymous or identify yourself and provide information as to how Sullivan County BOCES can contact you directly if needed. Either way, your information will be treated confidentially.

    In order for a thorough investigation to take place, please complete the information with as much detail as possible.  Your report will be handled promptly and confidentially as long as it is submitted in good faith.


    The TIPS Hotline is not expected to replace our internal reporting structure; it is in addition to the  procedures we currently have in place. All information submitted in this report will be delivered to the appropriate officer designated by the Board Sullivan County BOCES and will be handled in an efficient and confidential manner. This should not be used for emergency matters that require immediate notification. In case of emergency please contact your immediate Supervisor or Administrator.

    Sullivan County BOCES is committed to Integrity, safety and accountability in a bias-free workplace. We expect the best from ourselves and others in maintaining a positive and productive school and work environment. We rely on the employees and community members to maintain our high standards  and we thank you for coming forward to help protect our organization.

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