• Supplemental Program for at Risk Children (SPARC) - Coser 410A
    Elementary Alternative Education

    Contact Information:

    Megan Becker, Executive Principal (Elementary Programs)
    Phone: (845) 292-5618 or e-mail megan.becker@scboces.org  



    "Providing exceptional programs for students of all abilities."


    BOCES provides a program designed for non-classified students between 5 and 11 years old who are experiencing difficulties academically, socially and behaviorally in their present placement.

    The objective of the program is to provide short-term educational and clinical intervention that may prevent the student from being referred for special education services.

    The length of the placement is mutually determined by BOCES and the school district involved. Programming emphasizes individualized educational services with classroom behavior plans, curriculum adaptations and modifications, crisis intervention and counseling support and referrals to community agencies. A key component of the program is a strong line of communication with the home school and the parents. Meetings are held at 30, 60 and 90 days of the student’s attendance to evaluate the student’s progress. 

    Staffing: Certified Teacher, Teaching Assistant, plus services of a psychiatrist and a school psychologist.