• Intensive Day Treatment (IDT) - Rockland Children's Psychiatric Center Coser 410.010

    Contact Information:

    Adam Riehl, Executive Principal (Specialized Programs: 8:1:1 Elementary, iTAP, CAP & IDT)
    Phone: (845) 295-4107 or e-mail adam.riehl@scboces.org

    "Providing exceptional programs for students of all abilities."

    The Intensive Day Treatment (IDT) program is cost effective and designed to serve children within in the community.  A small staff of highly-trained professionals service children from ages 11-18. Staff reinforce the individualized and targeted skills necessary for school success. Daily class work from the home school is completed to ensure a smooth transition back to district. Transition back to district is facilitated by the IDT staff. The only cost to the home school district is for educational services.