• Special Education: Classroom Descriptions

    For a full list of services offered by BOCES, please refer to the Services Directory in our publication section.

    Career Academic Program (CAP) 12:1:1 (Coser 201)

    Ages: 14-21
    Grade: 9-12
    Class Ratio: 12 Students : 1 Teacher : 1 Paraprofessional

    This program is for students who take the New York State alternative Assessment (NYSAA) and who expect to receive a Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential (SACC).
    If eligible, students will be prepared to take the High School Equivalency Exam. Each student's program is highly individualized based on their IEP goals. Learning activities are designed to have practical applications that are rooted in life skills and are presented in the context of the student's current and/or future leaning environments. Components may include supported work placements, occupational programs and vocational programs. When appropriate, students will participate in community-based activities. All students will have a transitional component to their program.
    A transition work study coordinator is available to assist with post-graduation plans and services. The liaison facilitates the initial application process, as well as Access VR case management.  

    Program 12:1:3 (Coser 202)

    Ages: 5-21
    Grade: K-12
    Class Ratio: 12 Students : 1 Teachers : 3 Paraprofessionals

    These classes are designed for students with multiple disabilities who require a program emphasizing habilitation and treatment. Speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy are major components of these classes.  Students involved in programming of this nature require very high levels of support and adult intervention.  Learning activities are life skills based. 

    Program 8:1:1 (Coser 206)

    Ages: 5-21
    Grade: K-12
    Class Ratio: 8 Students : 1 Teacher : 1 Paraprofessional
    Sullivan County BOCES presently offers several types of programming for students in need of an 8:1:1 classroom ratio. These programs provide individualized and small group instruction for students with learning, behavioral, social, and emotional needs. Curriculum and assessment are based on New York State Learning Standards. Case management is offered to students by social workers to assist with home/school communication.  High school students may have a vocational component as a part of their graduation requirements.  Transition plans include post-secondary schools or service trade employment. A transition work study coordinator is available to assist  with post-graduation plans and services. The liaison facilitates the initial application process, as well as Access VR case management.

    Intensive Therapeutic Academic Program (iTAP) (Coser 206.300)
    Ages: 6-21
    Grade: 1-12
    Class Ratio: 8 Students : 1 Teacher : 1 Paraprofessional 

    The Intensive Therapeutic Academic Program (iTAP) is an innovative program that was created to fill a gap in the services offered to individuals with emotional and/or behavioral issues which interferes with his or her development and educational process.  The class is structured for elementary students as a self-contained 8:1:1 class. Middle and high school students are provided opportunities for transition to help support a least restrictive environment.  Students in this setting will be provided with direct weekly consultation and service from a child psychiatrist (M.D.) and daily case management and counseling services from a clinical school psychologist and/or social worker. 
    The instructional element of middle and high school iTAP is supplemented by a web-based curriculum designed around NYS standards and Regents diploma requirements. This approach not only promotes independence, it allows the student to learn at his or her own pace, making it possible for the student to meet their individualized academic goals.

    Structured Teaching and Related Services: (STARS) (Coser 207)

    Ages: 5-15
    Grades: K-12
    Class Ratio: 8 Students : 1 Teacher : 3 Paraprofessionals

    The STARS Program offers a continuum of instruction where students receive their instruction individually or in small groups. Students rotate through a variety of centers which helps students grow academically, socially and emotionally. Our staff are trained in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) by the Carbone Clinic and these strategies are used at the White Sulphur Springs School to help students focus and be ready for learning and to reinforce learning.  A consultant from the clinic works with teachers one day a month to provide additional support and training. Verbal Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is an assessment tool that is used to accurately assess the student's verbal skills to inform and track progress.