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Alternative Education

“The journey of our success begins with a single step...”

The goal of the Alternative Education Program is to provide diverse approaches to education for students who have not experienced success personally, socially, or academically in previous placements. Through the utilization of team building, low student-to-staff ratio, on-site counseling, and focus on each student's personal strengths, the Alternative Education Program provides opportunities for success. The staff encourages and fosters positive behavioral and academic growth by practicing a philosophy of positive choices and a fair, firm, consistent approach to  behavioral improvements.

Students benefit from increased staff support and a positive reinforcement system to reward appropriate choices and behaviors. Social workers, in conjunction with classroom staff, provide team-building activities and partner with community organizations to enhance the student's
educational opportunities while reinforcing academic objectives and social and emotional growth.

Students are enrolled in the program for a variety of reasons, including high absenteeism, excessive tardiness, lack of academic progress and/or success, and negative behavior choices. Students are required to take all mandated New York State assessments, which are reported to the home district. The students may be given the opportunity to return to their home school when consistent attendance, passing grades, and positive behavior are demonstrated.


Coser 408

The High School Program is a full-day alternative program that provides support services and the required high school curriculum and courses. Students who have successfully completed approximately eleven high school credits are also given the option to participate in a Career & Technical Education Program. Regents diplomas are issued form the component home school districts when students have accrued the required number of credits and passed NY State exams. The high school includes small class size, a modified block schedule, on-line courses and counseling. This schedule decreases transition time and allows for supplemental academic support on a daily basis.  Students receive group and individual counseling by a school social worker. Local community agencies are involved as needed.             


Linda Blanton, 
Executive Principal
Secondary Programs
Phone: (845) 295-4145