Alternative Education Program

  • Contact Information:

    Donna Flynn Brown, Assistant Supterintendent for Instructional Programs 
    Phone (845) 295-4030 or e-mail


    “The journey of our success begins with a single step...


    The Alternative School's goal is to provide diverse approaches to education for students who may not have experienced success personally, socially or academically in previous placements. Through the utilization of team building, low student to staff ratio, on-site counseling, and focusing upon each student's personal strengths, the Alternative School nurtures students towards success. The staff encourages and fosters positive behavioral and academic growth by practicing a philosophy of positive choices and a fair, firm, consistent approach to behavioral improvements.

    The students benefit from increased staff support and a positive reinforcement system to reward appropriate choices and behaviors. Social workers, in conjunction with classroom staff, provide team-building activities and partner with community organizations to enhance the students’ educational opportunities while reinforcing academic objectives, as well as social and emotional growth.

    Students are enrolled in the program for a variety of reasons, including high absenteeism and excessive tardiness, lack of academic progress and/or success, and negative behavior choices. Students are required to take all state mandated New York State assessments which are reported to the home district. The students may also be given the opportunity to return to their home school given their consistent attendance, passing grades, and displaying behavior that is positive and consistent.

    These programs are not designed, or appropriate, for those students who carry a Committee on Special Education designation.