• Career & Technical Education (Coser 101)
    Contact Information:

    Deborah Theysohn, Principal of Career & Tech  (RPEC)
    Phone (845) 295-4172 or email deborah.theysohn@scboces.org




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    "Through the provision of challenging career & technical programs, we ensure that students possess the necessary 21st Century skills and attitudes to achieve their maximum potential in a chosen career or post-secondary education."

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    Career & Technical Education provides students with the skills necessary for success in post secondary education and/or work.

    Career & Technical Education (CTE) offers high school students the opportunity to learn job skills through instruction and hands–on experience. Each of our programs enables students to learn the essentials for a specific career or trade while meeting industry and learning standards.

    Upon successful completion of an approved two-year CTE program, students may earn up to three credits towards graduation in English, Math or Science. Students are provided academics integrated into their specific CTE program. All CTE programs provide Technical English / Language Arts which meets the requirements for English 12. Most programs offer Technical Math and Technical Science as well. Career & Financial Management, a required NYS graduation requirement, is included in all CTE programs.

    All of our SED approved programs include articulation agreements with colleges or trade schools. This affords successful students the opportunity to earn credit toward an associate or bachelor degree while still in high school, which is a significant financial savings for parents/students. Upon completion, students enter the workforce, participate in apprenticeships, continue in post-secondary programs and/or enter the military.

    Integrated Programs:

      • Technical Reading and Writing, Technical Math, Technical Science, and Career & Financial Management
        In an effort to enhance the educational experience of our students and to “free-up” time in their home school schedules, we offer a number of SED approved academic integrations. Students are provided academics integrated into their specific programs, which may be used to meet graduation requirements. All of our programs provide Technical Reading and Writing which meets the requirements for English 12. Our programs offer Technical Math and Science and Career & Financial Management, which also meet N.Y.S. High School graduation requirements.
      • Consultant Teachers
        Remediation and A.I.S. opportunities are afforded our students through the efforts of consulting teachers. Students in need of these extra support services can meet with these teachers on a regular basis.
      • Other Courses
        Health, physical education and other academic courses are available to students in cooperation with home schools on an “as needed” basis.