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  • 10th Grade RECRUITMENT

    Posted by Suanne Dailey at 3/14/2017 8:00:00 AM

    Approximately 250 district tenth graders had an opportunity to meet teachers and students; see labs, shops and classrooms; and tour both the RPEC and SJS campuses.  This allows potential students the opportunity to ask questions and get better idea of what CTE has to offer.  This recruitment iniative assists students to make a final decision of which CTE program they would like to attend.  Currently districts are setting up half day visits for their tenth graders to spend time in a CTE program for either an am or pm session.   This is a great opportunity for district tenth graders.

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  • Early Childhood Education and Culinary 1 - Collaboration

    Posted by Suanne Dailey at 3/13/2017 7:00:00 AM
    Early Childhood Education students finished their chapter on Guiding Food and Nutrition. In that chapter the students learned the benefits of conducting a cooking activity in the classroom.  During our collaboration the ECE students took on the role of the students in the classroom and the Culinary 1 students took on the role of head chef. The Culinary students had to give instructions to ECE students, and the ECE students did the hands-on portion of adding and mixing the ingredients. Both groups had to reflect on the experience.   Many of the Career & Tech classes are pairing up to collaborate on projects.  More to come....
    ECE & Cul 1
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    Posted by Suanne Dailey at 3/13/2017 7:00:00 AM

    Several of the Career & Tech programs are planning their year-end field trips.  Some of the field trip opportunites our current students are attending are:

    Cosmetology 1 - International Beauty Show

    Culinary 1 - Culinary Institute of America

    Auto Body - Meadowlands Expo Center Trade Show

    Precision Machining - Simulaids

    Natural Resources & Health Occ 1 - SUNY Delhi

    Natural Resources - SC Cooperative Extension

    This is a great opportunity for our students!



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  • Weiler Corporation Grinder Safety Demo

    Posted by Suanne Dailey at 2/10/2017 1:00:00 PM

    Weiler Corp Demo

    On Feb 10th, sixty Career & Tech students took part in a grinder safety demonstration given by Karen Burke of the Weiler Corporation.  Ms. Burke instructed students on how to use grinders and how to select the appropriate abrasive tool. Upon completion, each student received product samples and a certification in grinder safety.

     The following C&T Programs took part in the training:

    • Auto Body
    • Auto Tech
    • Construction Technology
    • Natural Resources
    • Precision Machining
    • Welding


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  • Honor Roll - 2nd Marking Period

    Posted by Suanne Dailey at 2/8/2017 8:00:00 AM

    The students listed below have earned honor roll in their CTE class.  Their grades range from 85-90.  Congratulations!

      Honor Roll  
      Marking Period 2
      Honors 85 to 90  
    Student District Course
    Ellmauer, Lee C SWCS Animal Science
    German, Jeno LCS Animal Science
    Merigliano, Daniel MCS Animal Science
    Newhall, Felicity FCS Animal Science
    O'Connor, Rebecca SWCS Animal Science
    Patterson, Sierra FCS Animal Science
    Pineda, Jaydyn H TVCS Animal Science
    Simon, Tyrae Z MCS Animal Science
    Vila, Eileen LCS Animal Science
    Berteau, Quintin TVCS Auto Body Repair
    Delgado, Brandon FCS Auto Body Repair
    Feldman, Alex S MCS Auto Body Repair
    May, Kylea RCS Auto Body Repair
    Thomas Jr, Terrence FCS Auto Body Repair
    Campbell, Connor TVCS Auto Technology
    Clark, Zachary TVCS Auto Technology
    Colocho Valencia, Ever LCS Auto Technology
    Decker, Amos MCS Auto Technology
    Hemion, Tyler LCS Auto Technology
    Hoffman, Dillon LCS Auto Technology
    Talmadge, Devin SWCS Auto Technology
    Black, Crystal M SWCS Career Opportunities
    Fitts, Elijah FCS Career Opportunities
    Patel, Niel FCS Career Opportunities
    Snowberger, Corey LMCS Career Opportunities
    Burdi, Arykah J TVCS Construction Technology
    Dalman-Torres II, Daniel D FCS Construction Technology
    Gilson, Ashley L TVCS Construction Technology
    Gonzalez, Richard M TVCS Construction Technology
    Hunter, Desean A MCS Construction Technology
    Olden, Elijah FCS Construction Technology
    Richards, Khadeem R MCS Construction Technology
    Sandoval, Byron L MCS Construction Technology
    Snowden, Tron L MCS Construction Technology
    Brown, Raheem A MCS Cosmetology
    Crespo, Brandi LCS Cosmetology
    DeLuca, Amanda TVCS Cosmetology
    Gavin, Elisabeth MCS Cosmetology
    Gomez Cruz, Alba N LCS Cosmetology
    Hayden, Mercedes TVCS Cosmetology
    Herling, Natalee N ECS Cosmetology
    Kelly, Kimberly TVCS Cosmetology
    Kerstner, Rebecca MCS Cosmetology
    Krum, Caitlin TVCS Cosmetology
    McCoy, Lindsay TVCS Cosmetology
    Mears, Britney TVCS Cosmetology
    Santangelo, Victoria A TVCS Cosmetology
    Zeininger, LiaMae TVCS Cosmetology
    Duffy, EllenRose TVCS Culinary Arts
    Janik, Kaitlin LMCS Culinary Arts
    Karpowicz, Maximillian LMCS Culinary Arts
    Kaur, Ravneet LMCS Culinary Arts
    Maxwell, Emily MCS Culinary Arts
    Mead, Tristian A SWCS Culinary Arts
    Ramos, Destinee FCS Culinary Arts
    Rumsey, Alexandra R ECS Culinary Arts
    Sunnekalb, Debra Ann TVCS Culinary Arts
    Taylor, Dustin R SWCS Culinary Arts
    Galeas, Alexa MCS Early Childhood
    Helms, Dakota RCS Early Childhood
    Krupp, Alana LMCS Early Childhood
    Caballero, Sadie FCS Health Occupations
    Cohen, Victoria R LCS Health Occupations
    Contrys, Jasmine MCS Health Occupations
    Cuttler, Rebecca M TVCS Health Occupations
    Doetsch, Candace M SWCS Health Occupations
    Fore, Tahyrah MCS Health Occupations
    Gattling-Jackson, Joshalin MCS Health Occupations
    Gray, Keturah MCS Health Occupations
    Krom, Jenna MCS Health Occupations
    Milucky, Bianca M SWCS Health Occupations
    Reyes, Jennifer A ECS Health Occupations
    Rollins, Alainna ECS Health Occupations
    Schenck, Emilee SWCS Health Occupations
    Brudermann, Tyler MCS Natural Resources
    Cassidy, Tyler J ESD Natural Resources
    Hendrickson, Donovan RCS Natural Resources
    Little, Matthew S ESD Natural Resources
    May, Jakob RCS Natural Resources
    McGruder, Jonathan D MCS Natural Resources
    Rakowicz, Kyle J SWCS Natural Resources
    Robertson, Joshua A ECS Natural Resources
    Stratton, Robert H MCS Natural Resources
    Totten, Cody G TVCS Natural Resources
    Clark, Britany T TVCS Precision Machining
    Cabral, Natalia LCS Pre-Tech
    Carrion, Anthony L LCS Pre-Tech
    Cogswell, Travis L LCS Pre-Tech
    England, Alexis LCS Pre-Tech
    Mann, Ryan M LCS Pre-Tech
    Bauer, Misty FCS Public Safety Services
    Bisland, Alexander MCS Public Safety Services
    Clearwater, Barry MCS Public Safety Services
    Conlon, Shoshana FCS Public Safety Services
    Daif, Gabriella SWCS Public Safety Services
    DelaCruz, Amy MCS Public Safety Services
    DeSimone, JayAnn LCS Public Safety Services
    Doty, Tannon M SWCS Public Safety Services
    Foster, Kathleen G SWCS Public Safety Services
    Goodell, John R ECS Public Safety Services
    Grey, Mya FCS Public Safety Services
    Herbert, Stephen LCS Public Safety Services
    Hopkins, Kenneth L TVCS Public Safety Services
    Ivory, Lashay D MCS Public Safety Services
    Jollie, Damon MCS Public Safety Services
    Lintz, Joshua RCS Public Safety Services
    Mendoza, Cynthia A MCS Public Safety Services
    Monforte, Matthew TVCS Public Safety Services
    Revicki, Michael RCS Public Safety Services
    Rojas, Jose FCS Public Safety Services
    Santillo, Philicity R MCS Public Safety Services
    Simon, Tyler C MCS Public Safety Services
    Stant, Joseph A MCS Public Safety Services
    Stark, Walter ESD Public Safety Services
    Steele, Robert TVCS Public Safety Services
    Tenezaca, Jocelyn T MCS Public Safety Services
    Unger, Chad MCS Public Safety Services
    VanSleet, Dev TVCS Public Safety Services
    Williams, Jordan C MCS Public Safety Services


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  • High Honor Roll - 2nd Marking Period

    Posted by Suanne Dailey at 2/8/2017 8:00:00 AM

    The students listed below have earned high honor roll for the 2nd marking period.  Their grades are between 91-100.  Congratulations!

    High Honor Roll
    Marking Period 2
    High Honors 91 to 100
    Student District Course
    Barbato Scott, Isaiah LCS Animal Science
    Blasingame, Sara SWCS Animal Science
    Denman, Erin TVCS Animal Science
    Frasier, IV, Heyward MCS Animal Science
    Giuliano, Maggie MCS Animal Science
    Kehrley, Susan A LCS Animal Science
    Lambrigger, Abigail A RCS Animal Science
    Lintz, Cheyanne S RCS Animal Science
    Mazzucca, Kyle LMCS Animal Science
    McFadden, Lauren MCS Animal Science
    Mercado, Robert TVCS Animal Science
    Perez-Cordero, Jacqueline LCS Animal Science
    Romero, Luis Miguel FCS Animal Science
    Russell, Moni T MCS Animal Science
    Sennett, Harley F LCS Animal Science
    Siegel, Harley J SWCS Animal Science
    Siegel, Jessica SWCS Animal Science
    Tomah, Ethan RCS Animal Science
    Banks, Mason LMCS Auto Technology
    Julkerski, Kyle SWCS Auto Technology
    Carlucci, Autumn ECS Career Opportunities
    Crowley, James SWCS Career Opportunities
    Kleingardner, Megan SWCS Career Opportunities
    May, Ashton RCS Career Opportunities
    McCombs, Dominic FCS Career Opportunities
    Teller, Kristin ECS Career Opportunities
    Gonzalez, Magdalena LCS Cosmetology
    Gibson, Cheyenne TVCS Culinary Arts
    Hokirk, Alexcia L LMCS Culinary Arts
    Morrow, Marion FCS Culinary Arts
    Romer, Samantha MCS Culinary Arts
    Serrano, Victoria LMCS Culinary Arts
    Barrett, Cheyenne LCS Early Childhood
    Bivins, Autum MCS Early Childhood
    Diehl, Shelby L SWCS Early Childhood
    Massie, Jalyne MCS Early Childhood
    Vanname, Kateryna A LCS Early Childhood
    Hook, Courtney LCS Health Occupations
    Irwin, Nicole TVCS Health Occupations
    Meyer, Katlyn SWCS Health Occupations
    Prousalis, Gregory TVCS Health Occupations
    Santiago, Meyalee MCS Health Occupations
    Souffrant, Arthur FCS Health Occupations
    Brooks, Tyler M TVCS Natural Resources
    Burger, Samantha LCS New Vision
    Carnell, Lillie MCS New Vision
    Clarkin, Molly ECS New Vision
    DiBartolo, Khristopher LMCS New Vision
    Engle, Mollie RCS New Vision
    Gennaro, Marissa LMCS New Vision
    Kelty, Lynzee ECS New Vision
    Madnick, Avi MCS New Vision
    McEneaney, Jillian MCS New Vision
    Mellan, Audrey ECS New Vision
    Parks, Taylor MCS New Vision
    Patel, Parth MCS New Vision
    Rogers, Dakota LMCS New Vision
    Bertholf, Austin D LCS Pre-Tech
    King, Robert MCS Pre-Tech
    Baloy, Logan P TVCS Public Safety Services
    Cordero-Vargas, Dereck LMCS Public Safety Services
    D'Angelo, Kaitlyn ECS Public Safety Services
    Espada, Christopher TVCS Public Safety Services
    Frontis, Andre MCS Public Safety Services
    Gill, Prabhnoor S LMCS Public Safety Services
    Hosein, Matthew FCS Public Safety Services
    McElrath, Sebastian MCS Public Safety Services
    Nervegna, Michael T SWCS Public Safety Services
    Ramos, Anthony J SWCS Public Safety Services
    Sherwood, Quinn LMCS Public Safety Services
    Sinanaj, Fitim FCS Public Safety Services
    Vaeth, Jessica A MCS Public Safety Services
    VanAllen, Thomas SWCS Public Safety Services
    Waterton, William MCS Public Safety Services
    Zicot, Justin J MCS Public Safety Services


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  • Certificates of Appreciation

    Posted by Suanne Dailey at 2/8/2017

    Last week certificates were handed out to over 120 current CTE students who volunteered at the CTE EXPO 2017.  Out students assisted at their respective class's interactive table and/or participated as tour guides for the 5th and 8th grade district student visitors. 

    Thank you to all the volunteers for making the EXPO 2017 a hugh success!


    Tour guides

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  • Culinary Institute of America comes to CTE

    Posted by Suanne Dailey at 1/26/2017 8:00:00 AM
    On January 19th, the Culinary Institute of America came to Career & Tech to present CIA's Offerings and demonstrate some of the skills the school uses to the culinary arts students.  The students were able to see a video of the prestigious college campus.  There was a demonstration of many different types of mushrooms prepared in a variety of ways.  The students were engaged and asking questions!   Once the demonstration began,  we had students tasting mushrooms prepared in a way they have never tried before.  Most students enjoyed this experience...all but a few tasted the mushrooms even though they didn't like mushrooms.  
    CIA Visit

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  • Career & Tech Expo

    Posted by Suanne Dailey at 1/23/2017 8:00:00 AM

    Career & Tech will be hosting approximately 500 district 5th and 8th graders from January 24-27. 

    This is a wonderful opportunity for these students to visit CTE, meet the instructors and experience the programs the Career & Tech Center has to offer.  Each program is represented with a hands-on activity meant to engage and inspire students.  The students have enjoyed this event for the past few years and we look forward to this year's event.


    Students complete and activity at the culinary station


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  • Lincoln Tech Presentation

    Posted by Suanne Dailey at 1/20/2017 9:30:00 AM

    On January 20th, a representative from Lincoln Tech presented their programs to our Auto Tech, Auto Body, Construction, and Precision Machining classes.   

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