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  • Health Occupations focus on Infection Control

    Posted by Suanne Dailey on 2/27/2019

    Health Occupations students participated in a co-teaching experiencing with Mrs. Jacobson and Mrs. Wilcox (science consultant teacher).  The lesson focused on infection control and culturing of areas in and around the Health Occupations suite at Catskill Regional Medical Center.  The students utilized their knowledge of the infection control process and experimented by using sheep agar Petri dishes.  The dishes were divided into four sections and the three other areas students cultured anything in the room to see if and what pathogens/micro-organisms would grow.



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  • Health Occupations Staff Receive Training

    Posted by Suanne Dailey on 2/12/2019

    The Health Occupations staff participated in an in-service from Laerdal Medical on the simulated manikins (SIM).  The "SIM" manikins are a vital part of the "hands on" skills that students learn and practice.  These manikins provide the students with the opportunity to practice the skills they have learned before and during their clinical rotations at the varoius facilities they go to.



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    Posted by Suanne Dailey on 1/18/2019

    Health Occupations students received CPR training and certification in AHA (American Heart Association), CPR/BLS (Basic Life Support), AED (Automatic external Defibrillator) for the Health Care provider.  The certification is a two year certification and one of many that students can receive in the Health Occupations program.  What a great opportunity for students.



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  • New Vision Health

    Posted by Suanne Dailey on 1/17/2019

    New Vision Health students are beginning to learn the physical assessment skills needed by healthcare professionals in providing care for their patients.  Students will learn the skills in conjuntion with the anatomy and physiology chapters as they review each body system.



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  • Innovative Design Students Visit Starlab to Explore Bird Migration Routes

    Posted by Suanne Dailey on 12/21/2018

    Innovative Design students learn about bird migration paths to assist in their building designs. 

    Collisions between birds and buildings are a big problem in our region because of bird migration paths. Scientists and architects are working together to design ways to help prevent these collisions. Mrs. Wilcox, the CTE Science Consultant instructor, used the Star lab to explore bird migration routes with the students. 




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  • Cosmetology Students Tour Hurleyville

    Posted by Suanne Dailey on 12/19/2018

    The Cosmetology Program recently toured Hurleyville’s Main Street Barber and Beauty Shoppe, the Makers Lab and the Arts Center.  The owner of the barbershop welcomed the students by providing donuts and an electric clipper cut video to each student.  At the Makers Lab, students designed key fobs that were later produced on the laser cutter and given to them.  When visiting the Arts Center student made connections to possibility do hair and makeup for dance studio performances.  Everyone had a great day.



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  • Natural Resources Receives On-site Workshop on Chainsaw Safety

    Posted by Suanne Dailey on 12/19/2018

    Michael J. Burns presesented safe chainsaw operation to the Natural Resources students to reduce the risk of injury.  This session is intended as an introduction to chainsaw use or as a refresher for experienced users.  Funding for this program provided by the New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health (NYCAMH) with funds from the New York Sate Depart of Health (DOH).    Chainsaws are among the most useful and dangerous outdoor powertools owned and operated by landowners.  While all danger cannot be eliminated, training and instruction have proven to be an effective way to mitigate the risk of injury to a chainsaw user.


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  • Natalie Roszkowski M.B.A., R.T. (R) Presents to the Health Occupations Class

    Posted by Suanne Dailey on 12/19/2018

    Natalie Roszkowski M.B.A., R.T (R) the Diagnostic Imaging Supervisor of Catskill Regional Medical Center, presented information about the eight different health careers in the diagnostic imaging cluster.  She provided a basic overview of each profession, including academic requirements for entry into the programs, environments students could work and gave the median salaries within the state. 



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  • Health Occupations Learn Nutrition in the Health Care Field

    Posted by Suanne Dailey on 12/18/2018

    Health Occupations students learned about nutrition, different diets for people in healthcare, and how to feed a patient by feeding one another.  The students had to also determine percentage of meal and the amount of fluid intake the patient had using medical math.  Students pretended that both of their wrists were broken and they were unable to feed themselves.  One student comment was "I understand why you are always saying dignity is so important, I felt so uncomfortable."


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  • Animal Science Students Composting Specialty Fertilizer

    Posted by Suanne Dailey on 12/14/2018

    Animal Science students with Instructor Barbara Moran and science consultant teacher Katie Wilcox take part in sustainable practices and explore multiple sources of income for agricultural businesses.  A group of students are composting materials from the farm to create a specialty fertilizer that uses waste products and has the potential to create a secondary stream of income.  


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