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    Craig Smith, Teacher
    Phone (845) 295-414187 or email craig.smith@scboces.org


    The Career Opportunity Program is a vocational program which has been established for students who would benefit from a greater understanding of what the Career & Technical Education Center has to offer. The program uses a core cluster approach, which allows students to make informed decisions about how their vocational training will unfold. During their Core experience, students gain exposure to, and practice basic concepts directly related to other CTE programs. This exposure allows students to "find a niche" and gain valuable direction towards their goals.
    There is also a community service component, as well as an entrepreneurship component embedded into the Program. The entrepreneurship component is a student-run business which covers all areas of effective business practices including marketing, sales, production, purchasing, quality control, and customer service.The Programs work closely with all other CTE Programs, home school districts, and parents in order to stay flexible and best serve the student’s needs.
    Construction/Human Services CORE A
    This cluster includes, but is not limited to the following modules: Construction, Retailing, Health Occupations, Early Childhood, Public Safety, Animal Science and Culinary.
    Automotive/Computer CORE B
    This cluster includes, but is not limited to the following modules: Auto Body, Auto Mechanics, Natural Resources, Electrical Technology, Computers, and Culinary. 
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