• Special Education - Itinerant Services


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    Megan Becker, Executive Principal (Elementary Programs: White Sulphur Springs School & G-Mod)
    Phone: (845) 292-5618 or e-mail megan.becker@scboces.org



     "Providing exceptional programs for students of all abilities."

    Through these Cosers, instructional services are provided to component districts on a shared basis. This service maintains and enhances educational programs where full-time personnel are not required. The maximum share of any given service in a single district is three days per week or 60%. Each position must be shared among two or more districts and can be provided for the ten month school year.


    The cost formula is based on a per diem basis of either a 10-month or 12-month contractual employee.


    Any academic support service that is required can be designed as an itinerant service if it meets the criteria described above.


    Current Itinerant Services:
    The following are itinerant Cosers that are currently in effect
    or have been requested in the recent past (others can be designed):


    School Psychologist - Coser 301
    Services of a certified school psychologist are available for evaluation and counseling.
    Speech Therapist - Coser 303
    A certified and/or licensed speech therapist provides evaluation, consultation, and/or direct therapy to students with communication disorders, impaired articulation, language impairment or voice disorders.
    Teacher Blind/Visually Impaired - Coser 304
    The services which are provided include: instruction in Braille and typing, adaptive devices and materials, and coordination of program and testing modifications. Services are delivered in the home school and, as much as possible, at a time that does not interfere with academics.
    Orientation & Mobility - Coser 304.005
    This service provides orientation training to students who have limited or no vision. This training takes place in a variety of settings and are available throughout the year.
    Teacher Deaf/Hearing Impaired - Coser 305
    The services of a certified teacher of the deaf provides tutorial assistance, coordination of program testing modification and language instruction for deaf or hard of hearing students in district programs.
    Teacher-Driver Education - Coser 308
    This service provides in-class and on-the-road instruction and complies with all the required Driver Education regulations. Students successfully completing this program receive a Student Completion Certificate.
    School Social Worker - Coser 309
    This service supports student learning through individual or group counseling as noted on the IEP. Case management services may also be provided to the student by linking them with the appropriate agencies.
    American Sign Language Interpreter - Coser 310
    Bi-Language (ESL) Teacher - Coser 313
    Music Teacher - Coser 315
    Physical Therapist - Coser 320
    Occupational Therapist - Coser 321
    School Counselor -  Coser 322
    School Food Management - Coser 325
    Facilities Director - Coser TBD
    Technology Director - Coser TBD
    Transition Inclusion Facilitator, Teacher / Coordinator - Coser TBD
    This service provides training, assistance and coordination to schools, parents, agencies and students with disabilities age 14 or older.
    Transportation Director - Coser 326
    Assistant/Associate Superintendent for Curriculum - Coser TBD
    Business Administrator - Coser 330
    Human Resource Director - Coser TBD
    Facilities Director - Coser TBD
    Technology Director - Coser TBD