• The Broadcasting/Music Production Program provides students with hands-on training to learn industry basics, including how to operate and maintain audio equipment used in the field.  Students learn audio production terminology, techniques, use instruments, microphones, and digital audio workstations to create recordings.

    This course provides experience in the areas of radio, commercial projects, and live musical recording. Projects not only teach students to explore writing, producing, and engineering music, but also the history of broadcasting and music.

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    Topics of Study 

    Students in this program have the opportunity to work with and observe industry professionals in action. Topics of study include:

    • History of Broadcasting
    • Laws & Regulations
    • Ethics of Broadcasting
    • News/PSA Announcements
    • Weather/Traffic Announcing
    • Music Announcing
    • Sports Announcing
    • Broadcasting Styles
    • Performing Interviews & Podcasts
    • Character Development
    • History of Music Production
    • Music Mechanics
    • Production & Studio Equipment
    • Mixing & Recording
    • The Business of Music Production
    • Manufacturing & Distribution
    • Marketing & Sales


    Career Opportunities:
    • Audio Producer
    • Audio Technician
    • Digital Audio Editor
    • Instrument Technician
    • Musician
    • Sound Designer
    • Sounds Mixer
    • Radio Broadcast Engineer
    • Record Producer
    • Recording Studio Manager
    • Radio Programming Director
    • And more...


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