• High School Equivalency Diploma (HSE)

    Contact Information:

    Deborah Theysohn, Principal of Career & Tech  (RPEC)
    Phone (845) 295-4172 or email deborah.theysohn@scboces.org

    High School Equivalency (HSE) - Coser 406

    This half-day program is offered to 16-20 year old students who are in danger of dropping out, are unsuccessful in a high school diploma program, or have recently dropped out of school. The GED class includes: individualized and group instruction in preparation for the High School Equivalence examination, college and trade school exploration, workforce preparation, community service, counseling, guidance, advocacy, on-going assessment, team building exercises and other supportive services. Students must develop a post-secondary plan before leaving, and are assisted in the college, trade school, and/or job application process. Both a.m. and p.m. classes will be offered, depending upon district need.

    Cost Formula: A per student tuition rate will be established based on the number of purchased slots.

    Required Documents