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    The Health and Wellness Committee of Sullivan BOCES has developed this website to provide you with quick access to information you might find helpful. We have tried to link to information that is reliable, and in most places you will be able to identify the source of the information. However, we have not verified any of the statements or opinions in the material on other sites.

    Sullivan BOCES is not selling any products, not endorsing any vendors, and not promoting any point of view, other than that we will all do better if we are able to make informed choices about our lives. As with any health-related program, prior to beginning something new (exercise, lifestyle changes, etc.), it is always best to consult your physician.

    We also hope this site will be a place where members of the BOCES community can submit web links in reference to their experiences, tips, recipes, and comment about the website. You can do this by visiting the Feedback link listed in the main menu to the left. If you choose to offer feedback, please remember to be courteous and respectful of other viewpoints, and remember that the website may be read by members of the general public. Additionally, if you have a concern about the accuracy of any information contained on the site, you can communicate through the Feedback link section as well.

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