• Adventure Based Learning - Ropes Course Coser 455

    Contact Information:

    Debra Fuchs NadeauEd.D, Executive Director of Instructional Programs
    Phone: (845) 295-4030 or e-mail debra.fuchsnadeau@scboces.org


    Adventure Based Learning courses are designed to actively involve participants in powerful growing experiences. Working in collaboration with others can help students build character and enhance self confidence.  Adventure-Based Learning can be part of a comprehensive Character Education Program.   Trust, communication, leadership, personal responsibility, tolerance, respect for others, and problem-solving skills can all be enhanced by participating in the various physical and mental challenges. Participants are taken through a progression of group problem solving activities.  Working as a team, participants will assess the problem, determine solutions, choose the best ones, and marshal the necessary resources to accomplish their goals.  This program is appropriate for both staff and students.


    This program can be purchased as a daily or year-long program.

Last Modified on August 5, 2015