• School Improvement - Coser 551

    Contact Information:

    Linda Oehler-Marx, Director of Instructional Support Services
    Phone: (845) 295-4052 or e-mail linda.oehler-marx@scboces.org

    “Assist and support the identification and implementation of school improvement work to sustain effective practice in the most efficient manner.”


    Professional development to meet the challenges of college and career readiness standards through collaboration and capacity building is the crucial aspect of the service.  Staff development and technical assistance for administrative and instructional staff are standards based -- incorporating learning standards, teaching standards and professional development standards.  Participating districts access programs that may include workshops, study circles, regional networks and job-embedded program.s  Technical assistance is provided via electronic resources, telephone conferencing and on-site meetings. School Imporvement work is based on building capacity in the use of evidence-base practice for all educators.  Monthly meetings of the ?Sullivan Council for Curriculum, Instruction, Technology and Assessment (SCCITA) address all aspects of school improvement.  Core programs include attendance at professional development sessions at the school improvement rate.  Coordination of cross contracts with other BOCES is supported as appropriate.

    Design, delivery and support for programs to provide training research and implementation of best practices to meet local and stated education initiatives is included in this Coser.  Programs in this Coser are eligbile for BOCES aid. 

    *(SCCITA) is the Sullivan Council for Curriculum, Instruction, Technology and Assessment team that is comprised of instructional leaders from component school districts that work collaboratively with the Instructional Support Services Administrators to identify the needs and topics for this service.

    Professional Learning Communities

    Being able to share and collaborate during these tough economic times is extremely vital for school districts in Sullivan County. Professional Learning Communities will help individual groups maintain communication amongst colleagues in the same field, share ideas and/ concerns related to the field and learn new information from regional and state levels. These groups meet regularly:

    • Nurses
    • Speech Therapists
    • Middle Level Principals
    • Elementary Principals
    • High School Principals


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