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    Teacher: Deborah DeGraw
    Subject:  Math 8 and Science 8
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    Class Rules
    Be Prepared
    Be Respectful
    Be Responsible
    Be Safe

    Parents and Students,
    Welcome back to school!  I hope you've enjoyed a restful and enjoyable summer vacation. Please take the time to explore the pages and/or helpful links that I have provided for you. 
    8th grade is a big year for state assessments.  All 8th grade students are required to complete the NYS assessments for English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science.  To that end, we will be spending the majority of the school year preparing for success in these assessments. I will be focusing on Mathematics and Science while my colleague, Mr. Morganstern, will focus on English Language Arts.  You will notice, as you explore the different sections of this web page, that I have provided links to websites that provide practice tests in these subject areas.  I encourage you to visit these websites often and practice, practice, practice!
    Attendance is KEY to a successful school year.  Please arrive to school on time and on a regular basis.  
    Homework will be given occasionally to help reinforce the skills taught in class.  All assignments (class and homework) will be graded and will count toward the quarter average.  Tests will also be given on a regular basis.  However, ample notice will be given to allow for studying to occur.
    Please view the link below for additional classroom expectations. 
    I look forward to learning with you!
    Educationally yours,
    Mrs. DeGraw

Last Modified on February 5, 2013