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    Graphic Arts Classroom

    Teacher: Derek Dalton
    Grades: HS - C&T
    Phone Number: (845) 295-4185
    E-mail Address: ddalton@scboces.org
    Commercials, posters, billboards, signage, logos, greeting cards, giftwrap, flyers, leaflets, brochures, catalogs, websites, cell phones, books,magazines, newspapers, exhibits, movies, videos, maps, packaging, calendars...Graphic Design is a diverse field that touches people's lives 24/7.
    In YEAR ONE, students are introduced to the Creative, Technical and Workplace Skills needed to either enter college or become a successful entry-level professional.



    Basic Design Independence
    Computer Software Self Discipline
    Drawing Initiative
    Measurement Problem Solving
    Typography Organization
    Visualization Attention-to-Detail
    Manual Dexterity Time Management
    Professional Behavior Productivity
    In YEAR TWO, students:

    Practice and integrate the skills introduced in Year One

    Are required to provide targeted solutions to marketing problems through Design
    Projects that are more complex, more challenging and of a longer duration than those
    in Year One

    Prepare portfolios that demonstrate their...
    ... range of technical ability
    ... creative interpretation of design theory

    Learn about Production Methods

    Model professional behavior, in preparation for college and the workplace

    Assess their technical knowledge and creative and practical skills, by participating
    in the NOCTI* Advertising and Design exam

    * National Occupational Competency Testing Institute
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