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    Adult Education: HVAC Classroom

    Instructor: Dave Lounsbury
    Phone Number: (845) 791-4070
    Course Overview:

    SC BOCES HVAC course of study is designed to fit each student as an individual and to train them to a comprehensive understanding of systems and sub-systems components that are available for the new design and replacement system market.

    The homeowner or end-users comfort and needs are factored into the practice builds and the reduction of fuel consumption is the model for each mock up build utilizing advanced control technology that’s on the shelf today.

    The Class is a very controlled environment and each students ability provides us with a direction in the vast HVAC field based on there aptitude. Some students have a pre-selected pathway to meet there personal goals and they focus on that while achieving the fundamentals continuously.

    The Students are advised on how important it is to keep good records for the employer and review basic employment failures due to bad habits.  At the end of the advanced training the students will be interviewed by many types of employers in the HVAC industry such as Institutional , Design Build mechanical , Signatory sheet metal , Supply & logistics and Fuel suppliers to just name a few.

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    E-mail Address: dave@energystardave.com

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