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    Supplemental Program for at Risk Children

    Mrs. Tyles' Classroom

    Teacher:  Jennifer Tyles
    Grades:  2nd through 6th grade
    Phone Number:   
          We have a multi-age classroom with wonderful students who need to learn some extra skills to help them to be successful in their home district.  Students work individually on assignments supplied by their home school teachers. 
    Classroom Expectations 
    1. Follow directions the first time
    2. Be Safe
                             -keep hands and feet to yourself
    3. Be respectful
                               -remember  to use your manners
                        - treat people the way you want to be treated
    4. Be prepared 
    -come to school ready to learn
                         -be dress appropriately  for school day
                        - return grade sheet each day
    5.Be responsible
                  -come to school on time
                        -take responsibility for you actions
    RazKids  - Practice reading at home----    Teacher -  jtylesg
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