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Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy (CAPP)

Grant Funded Program

The Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Program (CAPP) is a collaborative effort between Sullivan County BOCES and Maternal-Infant Services Network (MISN) that creates a comprehensive approach to supporting the middle school, high school, and out-of-school youth to become sexually healthy adolescents. CAPP staff teach in classrooms at local school districts and community settings, as well as through outreach projects, including parent and adolescent workshops. Core strategies include: 

  • Delaying the onset of sexual activity and reducing the practice of risky sexual behaviors among youth.
  • Access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare and family planning services for teens to prevent pregnancies, STDs and HIV/Aids.
  • Expanding educational, social, recreational, vocational and economic opportunities for teens.
  • Comprehensive and sustainable local community efforts to improve the community environment for adolescents.


Maria Sommer, 
Assistant Superintendent
Phone: (845) 295-4053​​​​​​​