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Model Schools

Coser 557

"Leveraging technology to transform education to
improve the learning and lives of students."    

The Model Schools Program assists districts in integrating technology into the curriculum. The base service provides multiple days of training in your school districts, regional instructional technology workshops, and webinars usually hosted in the evening. 
  • Member districts may participate in regional, customized onsite workshops
  • Full participation involves designating a point of contact in the district to the services to ensure that districts are represented, and identify participants for special initiatives/projects
  • Membership includes shared regional technology training, facilitated planning, and collaborative workgroups
  • Support and training for developing district/building technology plans that coincide with school improvement plans to promote effective integration of resources across all content areas
  • Support and training for MyLearningPlan (MLP), a web-based service for tracking and managing professional development activities for district staff and faculty
  • Purchasing and support for systematic programs
  • Districts may purchase additional training days and/or a percentage of a shared integration specialist for in-district use
  • Model Schools also supports online professional development
  • Instructional technology equipment rentals including robotics, coding products, and other STEAM tools, (more)
  • Please explore our current offerings on MyLearningPlan 


Admission: The program provides a process for a comprehensive and systemic approach to technology acquisition in partnership with the Learning Technology Service. Districts purchasing Orange-Ulster’s Coser 571 Instructional Technology Services are required to participate in at least the base service for Model Schools (Coser 557).


Susan Zieres,
Coordinator of Instructional Technology & Arts in Education / Distance Learning
Data Protection Officer
Phone:(845) 295-4049