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Central Business Office

Coser 635

The Central Business Office (CBO) allows school districts to share the cost of business services such as accounting, accounts payable, attendance, payroll, and budgeting through a centralized office run by professional business management and shared support staff. In addition to the economic benefits of the CBO, participating districts will also benefit from a variety of services including: 

  • Budget development guidance
  • Assistance with auditing & other compliance requirements

With this Coser, districts can select separate service modules that meet their specific needs, including but not limited to:

  • Bank reconciliation
  • Financial statements
  • Treasurer's report preparation
  • Cash flow analysis 
  • Internal claims auditing
  • State and federal reports 
  • Fixed asset assistance 
  • ACA Reporting 
  • Employee attendance tracking 
  • Employee benefits tracking 
  • Professional development tracking 
  • Business Office Staff Training & Support 

Communication between the CBO staff and the district is continuously maintained to ensure smooth, timely, accurate, secure, and cost-effective processing of information. The CBO provides centralized on-site support for staff, technology software, and equipment, as well as an opportunity for increased segregation of duties to assist districts in complying with audit requirements.



Tera DiTommaso
School Business Assistant
(845) 295-4006