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  • Cosmetology-Pretty in a Minute

    Posted by Lorraine Scardino at 6/21/2017 9:00:00 AM

    On June 20, 2017, Lorraine Scardino cosmetology instructor hosted an government funded educational program called "Pretty in a Minute". Zachary Painter, an experienced licenced cosmetology and barber to presented the "Pretty in a Minute program.

    During the presentation, Zachary demonstrated hot tools/equipment that would help students learn about the current supplies used and help them be industry prepared. Zachary also demonstrated various skills and tips for using the different tools.  After the demonstration, students were able to practice on each other and purchase the tools at a discounted price.

    Being exposed to this program gave the student an opportunity to not only purchases tools, but to become a life time member of the organization simply signing up online. Once a member they also get a lifetime warrenty on the tools purchased as well as education webinars and more. 

    The students were motivated by this hands-on experience with a professional and salon owner from their field. They expressed how much FUN they had learning and keeping up with industry trends.


    Cosmetology presenter from Pretty in a Minute

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  • Career & Tech Center Sponsors Rock the Regents Event

    Posted by CTE Teacher test at 6/21/2017 4:00:00 AM

    On June 17th, the Career & Technicial Education Center at Sullivan BOCES sponsored a Rock the Regents event.  At the event the Pre-Tech, Cosmetology, Auto Body, Auto Tech had a part in making the event enjoyable for over 50 students.

    At the event the band Breach the Barrier played.  


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  • Public Safety/New Visions Health collaboration project

    Posted by James Noble at 6/21/2017

    Public Safety and New Visions Health program recently completed a collaboration project that students from our programs re enacted a mock DWI crash. Students played the roles of first responders as well as victims in the crash. Industry partners from the first responder community acted as coaches to our students. The production was video taped to promote awareness of the dangers of driving impaired, the opioid epdemic as well as showcase what our students have learned throughout the school year. The production also involved  the resources of some of our other Career & Tech Programs. Cosmetology assisted with make up while the automotive program assisted with staging the crash vehicles.

    collaboration project

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  • Public Safety

    Posted by James Noble at 6/21/2017

    Public Safety students recently visited the Sullivan County Courthouse as guests of the honorable Judge Frank Labuda and Commissioner of jurors George Cooke. Students witnessed an actual courtroom proceeding and then were engaged in a question and answer period with courtroom professionals. This field trip allowed students an opportunity to apply classroom instruction to real life application. 

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  • CTE Staff Visits American Museum of Natural History

    Posted by Kathleen Wilcox at 6/21/2017

    CTE staff took a professional development trip to visit the  American Museum of Natural HistoryAmerican Museum of Natural History(AMNH) in Manhattan. Twenty-eight staff members enjoyed the space show "Dark Universe", were treated to a luncheon with AMNH educational staff, and explored museum halls with the hope of integrating a trip into their program curriculum.


    Staff in front of statue at AMNH

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  • Auto Tech & Auto Body Classes Participate in Bio-Diesel Demonstration

    Posted by Suanne Dailey at 6/15/2017

    A group of students from Auto Tech I, II, and Auto Body students follow along as Mr. Lohman (Auto Tech I Teacher) and Mrs. Wilcox (Science Consultant Teacher) demonstrate how Bio-diesel can be made from canola oil.  Students discussed the pro's and con's of bio-diesel, viability, environmental impact, and other alternative energy sources such as propane, methane, hydrogen, and algae farming.  This fall, returning students will have the opportunity to see how the product separates into bio-diesel and glycerin, which will allow it to be run through a diesel engine with no modification. 



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    Posted by Suanne Dailey at 6/12/2017




    NAME PROGRAM District
    Amanda Rampe AB RCS
    Alex Reimer AB SWCS
    Maggie Giuliano AS MCS
    Isaiah Barbato Scott AS LCS
    Hanna, III,Ronald AT1 MCS
    Kinne,Micheal AT1 SWCS
    Shania Leonardo AT2 SWCS
     Erik Gomez AT2 LCS
    Megan Kleingardner Career Opp LMCS/Boces
    Ariel Irwin Career Opp LMCS/Boces
    Isaiah Rodriguez Cos 1 FCS
    Amanda Ruggerio Cos 2 MCS
    Diana Peralta Cos 2 FCS
    Franky Davido Cul 1 LCS
    Karl Marsillio Cul 1 ECS
    Katelynn Janik Cul 2 LM
    Kateryna VanName ECE LCS
    Virginia Frear ECE TVCS
    Gabriela Ramirez HO1 MCS
    Sierra Barbiani HO1 FCS
    Maria Jimenez Cadena HO2 FCS
    Robbie Stratton NR MCS
    Kyle Rakowicz, NR SWCS
    Nicole Irwin Allied FCS
    Samantha Burger NV LCS
    Daniel Acton  PM MCS/Boces
    Jorge Tejada PM FCS
    Robert King Pre-Tech MCS/Boces
    Ty Fagan Pre-Tech LMCS
    Jocelyn Tenezaca PSS MCS
    Gabriella Daif PSS FCS
    Saul Fletcher Weld FCS
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  • Natural Resource Class Visits Callanan Industries, Inc

    Posted by Suanne Dailey at 6/9/2017 6:00:00 AM

    On June 7th, students from the Natural Resources class visited Callanan Industies INC. in Bridgeville NY. The students met with management to learn about the company and attended a safety meeting. The class toured the facility and learned about the quarry and the process of producing different types of stone. They also toured both the concrete and asphalt plants to see them in full operation. While they were there the students also visited the quality control lab and performed concrete slump tests as well as % Air tests. Over all students were able to see all facets of the facility and the daily operation. 

    Callanan      callanan


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  • Operation Gratitude

    Posted by Suanne Dailey at 6/9/2017

    Recently our SkillsUSA Chapter organized a collection drive for our troops. According to one of the SkillsUSA presidents, LiaMae Zeininger (TVCS) said "As a community, we know that this endeavor is nothing compaired to what they are doing for us; however, we wanted to make a difference, and let our soldiers know we care!"

    Items donated include: 32 hand sanitizers, 211 toiletry gift sets, 29 lips balms, as well as many deodorants, sunscreens, lotions and haircare and deental care products.  There was a total of 473 items. A thank you note will go out in each box.  





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  • Career & Tech Litter Pluck

    Posted by Suanne Dailey at 5/29/2017

    On Wednesday, May 24, 2017, the SkillsUSA members both AM and PM conducted a Litter Pluck along the Ferndale-Loomis Road from Route 52 to Kelly Bridge Road. This was a community service project to better reflect the natural beauty of our county.  Students from Auto Technology, Cosmetology, Natural Resources and Precision Machining participated in this worthwhile effort.  



    Litter Pluck team

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