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New Lead Testing Regulations: Sullivan BOCES Results

As you may know, in early September Governor Cuomo signed a law requiring all public schools and BOCES to test water for lead. The law required that all water used for drinking or cooking be tested in all student occupied buildings. Testing in elementary school buildings had to be conducted by September 30, 2016 and testing in high school buildings had to be completed by October 31, 2016. Sullivan County BOCES complied with both of these deadlines.

Water levels must be below 15 parts per billion (ppb) or the district must take immediate steps to prohibit the use of the water outlet and begin remediation. The Sullivan County BOCES Health & Safety office has worked diligently to ensure that the BOCES and our local component school districts are in compliance with the new regulations.

Sullivan County BOCES collected two-hundred and seventy-nine (279) samples from seven (7) different buildings that are specifically used for Sullivan County BOCES programs and services.

A total of fourteen (14) samples tested above the 15 ppb action level requirement established by New York State. As a result of the testing, one (1) classroom sink at the WSS elementary building has been shut down, one (1) classroom sink at RPEC has been shut down and five (5) outside water faucets have been marked not for drinking. In addition, two (2) water fountains in the SJS building have been shut down, however, they are not located in the portion of the building that the BOCES currently leases for its instructional programs.

The following information has been posted on the SCBOCES website: (Please click on the items you would like to view)
• Copies of the laboratory test results received to date

Additional information about the lead testing requirements

Sullivan County BOCES will continue to work in conjunction with its Health & Safety Coordinator to remediate the water outlets and retest. In addition, laboratory results for some samples in the St John Street building and the administrative building have not been received. When these results are provided to the BOCES, we will post the updated information on the BOCES website.