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CTE: Student of the Marking Period

On February 19, thirty-six Career & Technical Education students were honor for their work ethic demonstrated throughout the marking period. Each of the nominees were selected by his or her instructor using the following criteria in the selection process: Teamwork, Appearance and Productivity.

“We are so proud of these students,” said Scott Palermo, Executive Principal of the Career & Technical Education Center at Sullivan BOCES, “What each of the students has demonstrated throughout the marking period is a reflection of their dedication and drive to succeed.”

The ceremony was attended by family members, students and staff.

Ary Barreto-Sanes, Monticello CS - Auto Body
Catherine Brooks, Tri-Valley CS - Auto Body
Maggie Herbert, Sullivan West CS - Animal Science
Clarissa Lewis, Sullivan West CS - Animal Science
Brianna Goetschius, Tri-Valley CS - Animal Science
Samantha Lingle, Ellenville CS - Animal Science
Lucas Feijo, Liberty CS - Auto Tech
Luis Guzman, Sullivan West CS - Auto Tech
Tylan Williams, Monticello CS - Auto Tech
Cameron McAdams, Livingston Manor CS - Auto Tech
Daniel Grande, Monticello CS - Construction
Ben Kelly, Sullivan West CS - Construction
Julianna Grillo, Monticello CS - Cosmetology
Alexis Mapes, Eldred CS - Cosmetology
Cheyanne Brooks, Tri-Valley CS - Cosmetology
Gina Nigro, Monticello CS - Culinary
Kelsie Maurizzio, Sullivan West CS - Culinary
Mackenzie Turick, Monticello CS - Culinary
Giovanni King, Fallsburg CS - Culinary
Wendy Marban Rodriguez, Eldred CS - Early Childhood
Candace Lozada , Monticello CS - Health Occupations
Jazmin David Colon, Liberty CS - Health Occupations
Elizabeth Lane, Tri-Valley CS - Health Occupations
Alissa Maybloom, Monticello CS - Health Occupations
Cristian Schadt, Eldred CS - Health Occupations
Nathan Honorato, Monticello CS - Innovative Design
Mason Mills, Livingston Manor CS - Innovative Design
Jared Rakowitz, Sullivan West CS - Natural Resources
Jerry Robbins, Liberty CS - Natural Resources
Kayle Parisi, Fallsburg CS - Allied Health
Bailey Yewchuck, Monticello CS - New Vision Health
Xavian Brady, Liberty CS - Pre-Tech
Stephanie Kirk, Roscoe CS - Public Safety
Brant Gorton, Tri-Valley CS - Public Safety
Austin Bertholf, Liberty CS - Welding
Elisha Graves, Liberty CS - Welding