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Sullivan BOCES Demonstrates the Integration of Virtual Reality into the Classroom at the New York State Capitol

On March 13th, we traveled to the New York State Capitol in Albany to participate in a BOCES Awareness - “Well Day” with the other 36 BOCES.  The event was created to give elected officials the opportunity to see first-hand and learn about the many educational programs/opportunities the BOCES provides the students of New York State. 

Each BOCES selected one program to highlight.  We highlighted how we use Virtual Reality to give our students a visual component to enforce their studies and provide them with virtual experiences they may never get a chance to experience in their lives. Not only was our program extremely popular with the elected officials and staff, but students and staff from the other BOCES could not wait to take part in a virtual experience.  Nathan Honorato, Innovative Design student from the Monticello CSD, did a fantastic job walking people through their virtual experiences.  

Well Day for Nathan Honorato, ended up being more than just an interactive presentation, in one day, he represented Sullivan BOCES in a statewide event; he saw the State Capitol and met Assemblywoman Gunther and Senator Metzger.  As a bonus, Assemblywoman Gunther invited him into her legislative session where he was able to go down onto the floor and sit in her chair.