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Sullivan County School Boards Association honors Donna Bright and Cornell Cooperative Extension as Sullivan County’s Outstanding Friends to Education

The Sullivan County School Boards Association recently announced that they are honoring Sullivan BOCES Administrative Assistant to the District Superintendent and District Clerk, Ms. Donna Bright and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Sullivan County, as the recipients of this year’s Sullivan County Outstanding Friends to Education Award.  Both have had a positive impact on the children of Sullivan County.

Ms. Bright joined the Sullivan BOCES family in 1993 as a secretary in the Instructional Support Services division. Her exceptional office and organizational skills, and attention to detail where noted, and she was promoted to the administrative assistant to the District Superintendent and Clerk to the Board of Education.  Her positive influence has gone far beyond her role as an administrative assistant and district clerk. She has been a coach for new district clerks in our eight component districts and is an active member of the BOCES’ Wellness Team and chair of the Sunshine Committee.  Donna Bright will retire this summer after 26 years of service and will be sorely missed.

Sullivan BOCES also nominated the Cornell Cooperative Extension for the Outstanding Friend to Education Award.  Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) continually helps our local school districts and is a valued partner.  The organization has outfitted school buildings in the BOCES, Fallsburg, Liberty and Monticello school districts with fresh salad bars to help encourage students to increase their consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. CCE has helped purchase water filling stations in each school building, contributed to the school backpack programs and has supplied the schools with physical education equipment.  In addition, Cornell Cooperative Extension has supported a variety of workplace wellness activities. The organization is not only a friend to education, but Cornell Cooperation Extension is a friend to Sullivan County, committed to increasing access to healthier foods and enhancing wellness for all.

The SCSBA will present Ms. Bright and Cornell Cooperative Extension with their honors during its annual awards and dinner meeting on May 29 at The Sullivan in Rock Hill.