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Career and Technical Education Center at Sullivan BOCES inducts twenty-nine students into the National Technical Honor Society

The Honor Society inducts only a select group of individuals into its society each year.  Part of the induction is to participate in an extensive referral and interview process.  This year 11.9 percent of Career and Tech Education (CTE) population at Sullivan BOCES were inducted into this distinct group.

Scott Palermo, Executive Principal of Career & Technical Education Center, welcomed the group and congratulated the inductees. “You have worked for this designation, and you have reached your goal,” said Palermo.

Debra Heidt Dunwell, Honor Society Advisor, explained the meaning behind the design of the National Technical Honor Society logo. The plumb line down the center stands for stability and trueness. The seven stars stand for leadership, scholarship, skills, honesty, citizenship, service, and responsibility. Purple represents honor and achievement; white, truth and honesty; and silver, value and worth. All of these descriptors represent the characteristics of the inductees.

According to Robert Dufour, Ed.D, District Superintendent of Sullivan BOCES. “Although we only have the CTE students for a few hours a day, we try to make that time as relevant to their lives as possible.  At BOCES, we offer a unique program, we offer skill set, and we offer a future–that’s what BOCES is all about.” 

“I want to thank each of you for coming to our programs.  You are what makes our jobs meaningful.  Tonight is your night–you worked hard for this because this designation is something you wanted to do for yourself - for that, I congratulate you,” Dufour added.

The Sullivan BOCES Career and Technical Education Center offers Sullivan County juniors and seniors a choice of fifteen career and technical programs.  Career and Tech students not only earn credits toward their high school diploma but also gain valuable hands-on experience in a specific career.  Most of the programs also offer the opportunity to earn college credits. 

Among the wide variety of programs offered at the BOCES are: Animal Science, Auto Body, Auto Mechanics, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Construction/Electrical Technologies, Early Childhood, Health Occupations, New Vision Health, Innovative Design, Natural Resources, Public Safety Services, and Welding, and three new offerings–Broadcasting and Music Production, Commercial Drone Aviation Pilot, and Hospitality and Tourism.  The Career & Tech Center also offers a Pre-Tech Program for 9th and 10th-grade students.

In addition to the programs offered, students are part of SkillsUSA, an organization for trade, industrial, technical, and health occupation students, which conducts contests on the local, state and national levels, in which students demonstrate their occupational skills, public speaking abilities, and leadership potential.


2019 National Technical Honor Society Inductees

Alida Goldsmith, Ellenville CS - Animal Science

Derrick Hanslmaier, SWCS - Animal Science

Maggie Herbert, SWCS - Animal Science

Clarissa Lewis, SWCS - Animal Science

Megan Mapes, ECS - Animal Science

Cheyenne Brooks, TVCS - Cosmetology

Dakota Deck, TVCS - Cosmetology

Digna Reyes, LCS - Cosmetology

Makayla Rupprecht, TVCS - Cosmetology

John Madera, RCS - Early Childhood Education

Ashlin Wood, TVCS - Early Childhood Education

Jahaira Cordero, FCS - Health Occupations

Kathryn Hendrickson, RCS - Health Occupations

Jordan LoCascio, LCS - Health Occupations

Alissa Maybloom, MCS - Health Occupations

Taylor Roseo, RCS - Health Occupations

Brittany Scott, SWCS - Health Occupations

Bailey Yewchuck, MCS - Health Occupations

Allen Holland, MCS - Natural Resources

Kelsey Kellam, LCS - Natural Resources

Jared Rakowicz, SWCS - Natural Resources

Julianne Feigenbutz, SWCS - Public Safety Services

Brant Gorton, TVCS - Public Safety Services

Brianna Hynson, TVCS - Public Safety Services

Aden Johnson, SWCS - Public Safety Services

Stephanie Kirk, RCS - Public Safety Services

Destiny Nash, MCS - Public Safety Services

Taran  Payton, FCS - Public Safety Services

Thomas Vaeth, MCS - Public Safety Services