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Sullivan Renaissance Beautification Grant (Click here to read more)

Members of the Sullivan Renaissance staff recently paid a visit to Sullivan BOCES and the Sullivan Catskills Visitors Association as part of a beautification project for Sullivan Avenue.

Sullivan Avenue is the primary gateway for the Liberty area. “Our goal is to make Sullivan Avenue visually pleasing for people as they come off the exit.  We want the avenue to be inviting and a destination, which welcomes new businesses to the area and encourages people to patronage our local businesses,” said Sandra Gerry, Founder/Chairwoman of Sullivan Renaissance.

Sullivan Renaissance started the project last year by removing old fences and planting honey locust trees.  This year, with Sullivan BOCES and the Sullivan Catskills Visitors Association moving to the Liberty Mall, the group wanted to do something to make the entrances to the two organizations enjoyable and inviting. Through a grant, Renaissance added metal benches and water labor-saver planters to both organizations’ sidewalks and entryways.

“We are excited for the opening of BOCES and the Visitors Association at the Liberty Mall. The visual impact of our efforts will hopefully assist both organizations in welcoming people into their organizations,” said Diana K. Weiner, Horticulture Program Manager for Sullivan Renaissance.

The next phase of the beautification project is planting vegetation to the right of the exit and create a seating area next to the Visitors Association for visitors to stop and gather information and plan their next step in visiting the County.

According to Robert M. Dufour, Ed.D., District Superintendent/CEO of Sullivan BOCES, “The planters and benches have made the entrances to our facilities inviting and beautiful.  We are proud to be part of this effort to help revitalize the area.  We hope that with the Visitors Association and our Offices & Conference Center moving into the Liberty Mall, we can make this an economically viable area and help draw in new businesses.  The Gerry family and Sullivan Renaissance have been working towards this goal for years. Together we will make it happen.”

“We are thrilled to be part of this effort.  This beautification project has been an incredible opportunity for all of us to collaborate,” said Roberta Byron-Lockwood, President/CEO of Sullivan Catskills Visitors Association, “Sullivan BOCES has been a tremendous partner.  We look at ourselves as the two anchors to the Liberty Mall drawing and bringing a beautiful sense of location to the Sullivan Catskills.  The beauty and consistency of this effort will bring a positive return for all.”