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Forty-Nine Career & Tech Students Inducted into National Technical Honor Society (click here to read more)

The Career and Technical Education Center at Sullivan BOCES inducted forty-nine students into the National Vocational Technical Honor Society (NTHS) on May 20, 2021.

The Honor Society inducts only a select group of individuals into its society each year. Part of the induction is to participate in an extensive referral and interview process. This year 18.3 percent of the Career and Tech Education (CTE) population at Sullivan BOCES were inducted into this distinct group.

Jeffrey Molusky, Executive Principal of Career & Technical Education Center, welcomed the group and congratulated the inductees. Mr. Molusky explained the benefit of the National Technical Honor Society and how its seven pillars (leadership, scholarship, skills, honesty, citizenship, service, and responsibility) helps our students to become positive role models for others while encouraging leadership skills. “Congratulations on a job well done. You have worked for this designation, and you have reached your goal,” said Molusky.

The 2021 inductees include: Allied Health: Gianna Matthews, FCS; Danielle Rasmussen, SWCS; Animal Science: Tahjane Coakley, FCS; Jeanne VanPelt, MCS; Auto Body: Molly Rampe, RCS; Basic Welding: Madison Kehoe, MCS; Cosmetology: Emily Tomah, RCS; Culinary: Krishawna Barrett, MCS; Madison Cohen, MCS; Lorenzo Lovett, MCS; Early Childhood Education: Olivia Cruz, RCS; Dixy Dubon Duque, LCS; Briana Luna, LCS; Health Occupations: Brittney Burk, SWCS; Kylie Caudy, MCS; Leila Celic, TVCS; Alejandra Cruz, MCS; Riley Ernst, SWCS; Olga Flores Bonilla, FCS; Haddy Gai, FCS; Stephanie Gonzalez, MCS; Linda Jones, TVCS; Raine Kelly, SWCS; Kaitlyn Lapomarede, MCS; Daniel Milov, FCS; Emily Umbaugh, SWCS; Nevaeh Valree, FCS; Yuliza Vera Soto, MCS; Yanira Wilson, LCS; Innovative Design: Kristina Davis, LMCS; Jacob Wolkoff, LMCS; Natural Resources: Benjamin Ackerly, RCS; Corey Dirie, SWCS; Tyler Lamendola, Ellenville CS; Daniel Rush, TVCS; Nathaniel Viningre, TVCS; New Vision:  Caitlin Evans, LMCS; Lauryn Grodin, MCS; Dolce McPherson, FCS; Courtney Rampe, LMCS; Public Safety Services: Erin Duffy, TVCS; Collin Garofolo, RCS; David Hernandez, MCS; Isaac Hernandez, MCS; Amber Keese, MCS; Jack Madera, RCS; Alaniz Ruiz Gongora, RCS; Brenden Ryder, RCS; Brooke Trojahn, TVCS.

Debra Heidt Dunwell, Honor Society Advisor, explained the meaning behind the National Technical Honor Society logo design. The plumb line down the center stands for stability and trueness. The seven stars stand for leadership, scholarship, skills, honesty, citizenship, service, and responsibility. Purple represents honor and achievement; white, truth and honesty; and silver, value, and worth. All of these descriptors represent the characteristics of the inductees.

According to Robert Dufour, Ed.D, District Superintendent of Sullivan BOCES. Career & Technical Education helps students prepare for their future and succeed in life.  NTHS celebrates the accomplishments of our students, empowering them to know the value and impact of their trades. “Your induction into the NTHS is an outstanding accomplishment.   The fact that you achieved this under a worldwide pandemic is extraordinary. You did what you needed to do to succeed, and your accomplishments are honored here tonight. Congratulations, I hope this only one of many honors and accolades that you will receive in your future – you are off to a terrific start,” said Dufour.

Sullivan County juniors and seniors enrolled in the Career & Tech Center earn credits toward their high school diploma and gain valuable hands-on experience in a specific trade. Most of the programs also offer the opportunity to earn college credits. Among the wide variety of programs offered at the BOCES are Animal Science, Auto Body, Auto Mechanics, Broadcasting and Music Production, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Construction/Electrical Technologies, Early Childhood, Health Occupations, New Vision Health, Innovative Design, Natural Resources, Public Safety Services, and Welding. The Career & Tech Center also offers a Pre-Tech Program for 9th and 10th-grade students.


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