Students on Quarantine: Continued Instruction


Students on Quarantine: Continued Instruction 

If your child is required to quarantine due to a positive COVID test, or due to a COVID exposure, Sullivan BOCES will provide materials for continued instruction.

The first thing you should do is notify Sullivan BOCES if your child does NOT have internet access and/or a device. You can call the main office of the program your child attends (phone numbers below), or you can speak with your child’s teacher(s) regarding this matter.

Elementary Programs (WSS/GMOD)
(845) 292-5618

Special Ed & Alternative Ed Programs (RPEC)
(845) 295-4111

Career & Tech (CTE) Programs
(845) 295-4152

If your child needs a device, a Chromebook will be provided. If, for any reason, your child is not able to use a device, instructional material can be provided in paper form for completion. The instructional items/materials can be picked up from Sullivan BOCES, or arrangements with the home school district can be made to get the items to your child as well. 

All teachers have Google Classrooms, and therefore, if your child is using a Chromebook they will be expected to log into the Google Classroom to obtain and complete work. The remote instruction is asynchronous, which means that your child is able to complete their assigned work independently. Should your child have questions regarding their assignments, they can reach out to the teacher via phone, Google Classroom, or via email.  If your child is a secondary special education or alternative education student, they will likely have multiple teachers and should be sure to check into each of the Google Classrooms for all of their teachers. 

Your child’s homeroom teacher will set up a Google Meet during their scheduled homeroom time (8:00 - 8:26 am), which your child will be expected to join daily for attendance purposes. If your child is not using a device, you, or your child may call the main office during the home room period to be marked “Present” for the day.  If your child does not attend the Google Meet or contact the main office during homeroom, they will be marked as “Absent” for the day.