Sullivan BOCES Mask/Quarantine Requirements

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New Mask & Quarantine Protocols

Effective March 2, 2022, the use of masks at Sullivan BOCES became optional for students and staff. 

Although masks are optional, students and staff may be required to wear a mask if they are exposed to a positive COVID case per the NYS Department of Health Guidelines.

The NYS Department of Health Guidelines requirement to quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19 has not changed. The current quarantine requirement is 5 days, and if the positive individual has no symptoms on day 6, they may return to school. A mask must be worn for the next 5 days (Day 6-10) as a precaution to prevent further spread. 

If the positive individual is still symptomatic after day 5, they should remain home until they are symptom free. Please be aware that it is also recommended that anyone who is a direct exposure to a positive COVID case wear a mask for 10 days. 

If your child is a direct exposure, a letter will be sent home with them to notify you of the exposure and the expectations for returning to school. 

Regardless of whether your child is symptomatic or not, parents are requested to test their children on the day before they return to school after the weekend, and then again mid-week on Wednesday. Home test kits will be sent home with your child each week on Tuesday and Friday.

If your child tests positive, please do not send them to school. You should notify the school nurse and report that your child has tested positive through the Sullivan County Public Health Services’ Self Attestation Portal located on their website.

Parents should contact the child’s principal or the school nurse if they have any questions.

Reference Links:

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