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Component Districts


Eldred Central School - The Eldred Central School is a K-12 public school district that has a student population of nearly 800. The district is noted for its quality educational program, which places an emphasis on a college Regents track.

Fallsburg Central School - The Fallsburg Central School is a small educational community serving a diverse mix of approximately 1,400 students. Fallsburg's commitment to excellence in education is supported by its strong instructional program and guided by the New York State learning standards

Liberty Central School - The mission of the Liberty Central School District is derived from its newly adopted Strategic Plan, to "inspire all students to pursue their dreams and contribute and thrive in a diverse community."

Livingston Manor Central School - The Livingston Manor Central School is proud of its record of placing students in fine colleges, and its academic and extracurricular performance. Special programs have been developed to meet the needs of a culturally diversified population, and the school enjoys cooperation and support from the entire community.

Monticello Central School - The Board of Education, administration, and professional staff are committed to excellence and equity in education for all students. Monticello is a multicultural district that recognizes the contributions of the community and encourages the development of all students.

Roscoe Central School - The Roscoe Central School District provides "public school education" with a "private school vision" Approximately 360 K-12 students receive a competitive education in a rural setting.

Sullivan West Central School - The Sullivan West District is a result of a three-way merger of the Delaware Valley, Jeffersonville-Youngsville and Narrowsburg school districts. The district serves over 1,800 students in grades K-12. The Sullivan West district offers the students an array of opportunities for academic and personal growth.

Tri-Valley Central School - The Tri-Valley Central School has a long tradition of outstanding academic results fostered by a talented faculty, an extremely supportive community, and a Board of Education that encourages educational innovation and