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District Superintendent Services


The District Superintendent serves as the field representative for the Commissioner of Education and as the Executive Director of the BOCES.  As the Commissioner's representative, the District Superintendent acts as a consultant for individual districts and as a liaison between districts and the State Education Department.  As the BOCES Executive Director, the District Superintendent is responsible to the Board of Education, which represents the component districts.  The District Superintendent offers several special services related to these dual responsibilities, working to secure that component districts are provided with educational leadership in the matters of law, policy and practice. 
  • As a consultant to individual districts;
  • As a liaison between component districts and the State Education Department; and,
  • Upon request, will serve as a consultant for component districts in the search process of selecting a new Superintendent of Schools.

The aforementioned services are performed at no additional costs to component districts, beyond BOCES administrative charges, except costs incidental to the recruitment and election process.


Robert M. Dufour Ed.D., 
District Superintendent & CEO 
Phone (845) 295-4015